CARE Investment Philosophy

The CARE philosophy is designed to mitigate risks, using an investment strategy developed for long-term goals.


'Active' means taking advantage of long-term market themes by systematically adjusting allocation to under or overvalued asset classes. This includes a blend of ETF investments, such as local and global shares, emerging market shares, small global companies, and gold.


Designed to provide a steady income stream with very low risk to capital, reserves protect you from volatility and short-term capital loss. Cultivating long-term investments in shares and property reduces the chance of having to sell assets in low markets.


Consisting of Australian and overseas shares, the 'enhanced' portion of your portfolio is designed to deliver above-market returns. Investments are made in ASX 100 companies, with the option of investing in a portfolio of international shares managed by a specialist manager.

The CARE philosophy is designed to guide investor behaviour, maximise returns, and help you get the most out of your investments. Discover how this investment approach can build your financial future by calling Jim Cresnar on 0439517 766.

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